How do I rent an item?

You can rent an item by finding the product on our website and clicking "Apply Now".

If you go to the product you wish to purchase and go below the 'Add To Cart', you'll eventually see an Rented section with 'Apply to Rent Now' link which shows you pricing for the minimum 6 month period. Once you click 'Apply Now' it will take you to the rental cart and show you the fees and payment summaries, and you can create your application from there.


If you wish to add other items, click the red 'Add other item' button below the cart.

Most items over $200 can be rented. The approval for a rental generally takes 1-2 working days. Your rental can either be collected at your closest store, or posted out to you, free of charge. We offer a minimum rental period of 6 months. If you click the "Apply Now" button on a product, it will break down the costs per month for you.

All of our rentals go through Studio 19 and are subject to their approval.