Why didn't I receive free shipping when my order is over $100?

Free shipping over $100* is an exclusive benefit to our ClubTed newsletter subscribers. If you aren't signed up for the ClubTed newsletter, you will not be entitled to ClubTed benefits. If you are signed up, you will also need to be logged into your Online Shopping account.

To sign up for ClubTed & an Online Shopping account with us, follow this link. Make sure you tick the box that says 'Sign up for ClubTed' regardless of if you are a ClubTed member. (Don't worry, this won't sign you up twice!)

It can generally take a few hours for your account to sync with our ClubTed system, so if you place an order immediately after creating an account, your benefits may not apply. If your account still isn't applying the free shipping after a few hours, please get in touch with our Web Sales department and they can assist you further.

If you receive your welcome email from ClubTed and then unsubscribe to our emails, or unsubscribe at a later date, you will no longer be entitled to ClubTed benefits. Please make sure your subscription is active to receive your benefits, and to ensure you receive exclusive discounts in the future!

*Standard shipping only. Excludes Priority Post, Print & Create, Price Match Requests and Corp/Govt/Pro Quotes